Kingdom International proudly boasts over 50 active ministries designed to minister to the needs of people of all ages and backgrounds. Please see our abbreviated ministry list below and find where you can get connected. Once you've decided, please log into the Member Services site and complete the volunteer application. We're more effective together than on an island alone.

Women's Ministry - led by First Lady Pearl Hill, a Powerful Woman of God, who enthusiastically engages in Reaching, Teaching, Training, and Developing Women for Christ.

Men's Ministry - Kingdom men are on the move to meet the needs of the total man under the guidance of Bishop Michael Hill and the leadership of our Ministerial and Deacon staff.

King's Kids Children's Ministry - Ministry information coming soon.

C.R.E.W. Youth Ministry - stands for Created to Reach the Entire World. A ministry aimed at teaching our youth to reach beyond the confines of the church and into a world that is desperate for relief.

S.H.A.R.P. Ministry - Seniors Having Abundant and Renewed Purpose is a ministry designed to encourage men and women who are 60 and over to have a sense of belonging to the family of God by participating in activities that foster spiritual growth, healthy living, fun, and fellowship.

Kingdom Empowerment and Christian Education - Some call it Bible Study or Sunday School, we call it Kingdom Empowerment. A time set aside to learn the keys to productive and mature living through the Word of God. Join us every Sunday morning at 10:00 am and Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm.

Missions Ministry – A ministry focused on spreading the love of Jesus Christ by ministering to people in their time of need by meeting their need. We work closely with local, regional, national and international organizations to do our part in building the Kingdom of God. Join our team today because there's never too little work to go around.

Performing Arts Ministry – Calling all dancers, actors, and singers! There’s a place in the Kingdom for you. Do you have a creative niche that you love to use to minister to the people of God? If the answer is yes, we need you. Contact us today for information on joining the Performing Arts Ministry.

Benevolence Ministry - This ministry is dedicated to comforting families through the process associated with the death of a loved one. They provide assistance in any way they can including but not limited to offering prayers and condolence, meal(s), and service planning assistance.

Singles Ministry - We minister to the total needs of the single men and women. A holistic approach to meeting the spiritual, emotional and personal needs of singles. While we aware of the stigma related to being single, whether male or female, our mission is to stomp out the stereotype that single people are lonely and desperate to marry. We are whole individuals whos concern is living life....PERIOD!

Marriage Ministry - Whether you've been married for one month or fifty years, this ministry is for you. We're focused on providing an outlet for married couples to engage in social and educational activities with other married couples. This encourages the transfer of wisdom from the mature couples and fresh outlooks from our younger couples.

Loving Touch Ministry - This ministries mission is to embrace new mothers and giving them the necessary tools to parent using biblical and practical principles and examples. We focus on researching and providing resources pertaining to Christian motherhood in addition to providing the necessities of raising children which may include food, diapers, books, clothing, etc.

Music Ministry - The music ministry is vitally important to the success of a church and it's outreach. We are always in pursuit of skillful singers to join our teams. Under the leadership of our Minister of Music, we sing to the glory and honor of God until the anointing falls and prepares the way for the Word of God. Please join us today!

Security - If you're interested in being a watchman at the gate, look no further. Kingdom Internationals security team is always looking for volunteers.

Building and Grounds Maintenance - Is your craft carpentry, landscaping, painting, or something along those lines? Well, this is the ministry where you can get involved in upkeeping the Lords house.